density detroit

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density detroit
© lena baloch 2021

first edition of 30
thread-sewn softcover (swiss brochure)
21 x 29,4 cm – 104 pages – 71 images (color)

self published


Note: The photographs of density detroit were shot right before the first lock down in Jan/Feb 2020. My work could have been an eerie "prediction" of what was happening shortly after. Detroit's streets are known to seem deserted, even more so, when you're lonely.

“density detroit” explores a city identity and describes an exploration of an idea of place.
In Detroit, I struggled with being alone in a different country. So I was wandering and exploring this city, looking for stability. Within the photographic medium I could shape my own perspective of place and belonging.

I try to analyze the various nested layers of Detroit and the relationship they have with one another. My grasp of the sometimes overwhelming impressions gets clearer through abstraction. This work is a balancing act or rather correlation of fiction and realism and a question to our conception of surroundings. There is a special mood to the streets of Detroit, some kind of absence.
An isolation of form and pattern.

love for the guidance to Corine Vermeulen